Tuesday, 1 December 2015

First Reviews Are In For BloodVault - And They're Brilliant.

BloodVault, book 3 in my Dantonville Legacy series, had a fantastic reception on its first day in the world. Both pre-orders and sales soared. Readers from America, Britain, Europe and Australia, and even from as far away as Brazil, raced to get their copies.
I owe a big thanks to all who attended and made the day such a grand success.
Thank you.
Now, only three days later, the reviews are coming in. As with birthing a baby, there is pain and joy and you want everyone to love and fawn over your precious offspring. And that's what my books are to me. So it's with some trepidation I peek through my fingers to view those dreaded reviews. But so far, they've been only positive.

"I loved it and I want MORE. I laughed, I cried and I was gripping my kindle with anticipation."

"BRILLIANT!! A whirlwind of emotions ran through me … Happy, sad, mad, heartache ugh I cried. The whole series is a must read for anyone who likes pnr."                                          afranhammond

"Tima has left me speechless with this amazing read!!! I have laughed, cried, got mad through this book. I love the other books in this series but I believe she has outdone herself with BloodVault."

"I absolutely love author Tima Maria Lacoba! I absolutely love her books! Especially this one. I cried, I swooned, I got upset, I swooned some more, I cried some more and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!"       LadyViki

And thank you to Nook Books and More Blog for this fabulous review.

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Until next time, happy reading :-)



Tracy Ehlers said...

That's fantastic Tima, so worthy or the praise it's been given! Absolutely fabulous read.

Tima Maria said...

Thanks Tracy. I hope I get more reviews like that :-)