Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Tasty Little BloodVault Teaser.

Yes, it's Teaser Tuesday, and what better excuse to provide my readers with another little snippet from BloodVault. My word count is growing daily, so hopefully book 3 of The Dantonville Legacy saga will be completed by the end of this month.
In the meantime, enjoy.

My stomach growled. Through the open door, I spied the tray of delicacies Madame Thierry had prepared. The mini baguette I had earlier had been delicious.
The bed bounced as I bounded toward the tray. That’s when I heard it—a shrill keening, like a soul in torment. It made the hairs on my arm stand on end. It didn’t seem to be coming from anywhere within the chateau. A night bird? I stuffed another mini-baguette into my mouth and padded over to the window. Tree branches obscured most of my view, but there appeared to be a solitary figure, in white, standing on the boundary wall at the far end of the estate.
Mesmerised, I stood there. Was it a ghost, or some local nutter who liked to climb walls in the dead of night to wail at the half moon? I peered closer but the wind whipped up the tree branches and I lost sight of the figure. When the wind dropped the figure was gone. Every nerve ending tingled. If vampires existed—I’d only learnt their existence a couple of weeks ago—then why not ghosts? This chateau was hundreds of years old, maybe more. Who knows how many people died here in that time? Vampires weren’t the only inhabitants.
I continued to stare out the window. There it was again—arms upraised, the same high pitched wailing. A chill shot through me, and I jumped back drawing the curtains together, tightly bunching the folds of the fabric.
The Serpent Ring on my finger glowed scarlet. Whatever the figure was, it posed no threat. I took a deep breath and slowly peered through the curtain again. The ghostly form was still there.
I slipped on my boots, threw on a coat and stepped out into the empty hallway. All the lights were on and I could hear voices, none familiar. It was probably the Brethren servants. I paused at Jenny’s door. She slept, her slow heartbeat and steady breathing was quiet and peaceful. I didn’t have the heart to wake her. Other human heartbeats came from different ends of the house. I assumed the sleeping one, directly above my room, belonged to Judy. But there was another, slightly faster, heartbeat also coming from above, so close to Judy’s they could’ve been in the same room. Who? One of the staff? But there were no human staff on duty yet.

If you enjoyed this snippet, catch up on the story by reading the first two books in the series before Book 3 is released later this year.  
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